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Here are some videos with some thoughts about today's society. There is also music and movies from Thailand trips.
Isolate Truth Fund - Samuel Eckert
1,5 million € for a virologist who presents scientific proof of the existence of a corona virus

Thailand Videos

Soi Cowboy Bangkok 2010
Chatuchak veckomarknad Bangkok 2002
På motorcykel genom Wat Chai Pattaya 2018
Nana Plaza Cat Bangkok 2016
Nana Nightlife Bangkok 2018
Nightlife Walking Street Pattaya 2009

Thailand & Music

The places of thrill Bangkok
Buddhist Temple Ayutthaya
Walking street song Pattaya
Walking street people Pattaya
Leave this town Pattaya
Leaving Bangkok Interpreted by Phil Lynott
"I'll Tell You What freedom is to me: NO FEAR"
Nina Simone


I don't have all the answers, but I do have questions. I see questioning the mass media, politicians, government officials and various experts of various kinds as a sign of health. My views (2021) on the so-called Corona pandemic can be found under 'Inspiration', if you are logged in.
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"Enlightenment does not come from imagining beings of light, but by making the darkness conscious."
Carl Jung
"Thinking is difficult. That's why most people judge."
Carl Jung